Few-Shot Emotion Recognition in Conversation with Sequential Prototypical Networks

In this work, we place ourselves in the scope of a live chat customer service in which we want to detect emotions and their evolution in the conversation flow. This context leads to multiple challenges [...]

Meta-learning for Classifying Previously Unseen Data Source into Previously Unseen Emotional Categories

In this paper, we place ourselves in a classification scenario in which the target classes and data type are not accessible during training. We use a meta-learning approach to [...]

Méta-apprentissage : classification de messages en catégories émotionnelles inconnues en entraînement

Dans cet article nous reproduisons un scénario d'apprentissage selon lequel les données cibles ne sont pas accessibles et seules des données connexes le sont. [...]

Emotion Chat Annotator

Annotation tool to annotate conversations with emotions, satisfaction and problem resolution status.